SCOTT snowmobile collection 2015 film under work.

Arctic Film Crew has made last few SCOTT snowmobile collection films. Latest one for 2015 is now in the edit and will be published later this autumn.

Here you can see a film made for SCOTT last year, collection 2014:

Some photos from shoot:

SCOTT2015-Cobain-76-2Y140504SCOTT-Polaric-20-1Y142503 SCOTT2015-ArcticProGT-9-IMG_5257 SCOTT2015-Cobain_redblue-9-1Y142372 SCOTT2015-Cobain-3-IMG_5519 SCOTT2015-CompTwo-BW-2_or_more-3-1Y142014 SCOTT2015-CompTwo-BW-14-IMG_0502 SCOTT2015-CompTwo-BW-34-1Y141998 SCOTT2015-Nordic_Women-17-1Y141696 SCOTT2015-Scenery-3-IMG_5325